Princess Girl Dress up doll

With Princess Girl Create your own anime princess avatar girl now! If you love to play dress up doll games, or create a pretty princess or a super pastel girl, this is the game for you! Go from gothic fantasy, eastern style to cute casual vintage designs! SPECIAL BENEFITS: -Color editing tool! Customize the color of EVERYTHING, add new colors or edit colors with the high level of customization that princess girl implements. -Layering tool Edit the layers of the accessories that your cute princess has, so you can choose which accessories come first to make your design even more stunning. -Customizable clothing tool High level of customization of the items your princess has.Edit the color, the position, the order,and more. Decorate the dress design as you wish!. -Beautiful accessories Add the accessories of your preference,using trendy fashion from cute necklaces to long skirts to creating unique princess designs. All items are unlocked!. - Create beautiful scenes Decorate the dream room of your lovely princess with tons of stickers and cute backgrounds and kawaii furniture. Make your princess doll interact through speech bubbles and share through social media. Save your cute pastel goth girls as avatars to use as a profile image, background image, or whatever you like. Create as many characters as you wish! -Tons of assets, options are limitless! With the wide range of available assets you can create infinite combinations of cute girls, creating more than humans, demons, monsters or zombie dolls. Be as creative as you wish to create beautiful princess with your favorite fashion style Choose from a wide range of fashion styles!. Gothic princess girl Victorian princess girl Super Pastel princess girl Monster princess girl and more! -Kawaii interface This dress up game, tries to implement a simple kawaii and easy to understand interface. HOW TO PLAY 1.Create your own anime doll girl 2. Dress up your girl 3. Add your cute doll princess to the scene (as many as you wish!) 4. Save the scene to your gallery using our share feature. 5. Remove the characters using dragging them to the trash can 6. Edit old characters to create new ones renaming them Clarifications - Picture files will be saved inside a folder with the game's name. - Your characters get stored in your phone's internal storage. Follow our social media for more Cute dress up games

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The rise of mobile devices transforms the way we consume information entirely and the world's most elevant channels such as Facebook.